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How To Get Olivia’s Glam Look With Liz Castellanos

Earlier this year, Olivia attended the Marie Claire Image Makers Awards and we decided to go for a natural and… Continue reading

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Paris Fashion Week Outfits

There is nothing more magical than Paris during fashion week! It love to see latest collections on the runways and… Continue reading

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Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends Asymmetric Earrings

Top 10 Fall 2018 Fashion Week Trends

Fashion Week (or month, really!) has come to an end, but there were so many inspiring new trends that I… Continue reading
Olivia Culpo Justine Marjan Long Hair Tips

Tips For Growing Your Hair Longer

TRY A PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENT This is an extra step you can add to you washing routine that has major impact!… Continue reading

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