What’s In My Bag And Other Summer Favorites

olivia culpo summer favorites in my bag

Summer is here, and I am so excited for a season of sun! Packing my summer tote bag for trips to the beach or a day relaxing at the pool is super important; you don’t want to forget any must-have items for the day!

Here are the things I always pack in my summer tote bag, plus a few other summer essentials that everyone should have!

My summer must-haves
  • Tote bag: Of course you will need a good tote bag to carry everything! I like a sturdy and versatile style that I can bring from the airport to the beach and everywhere in between. I also like to look for totes with compartments to keep everything organized and keep me from losing small beauty items!
  • Coppertone Glow Sunscreen: Sunscreen is an absolute MUST whenever I go outside! Coppertone Glow is my new go-to sunscreen because it keeps me protected from UV rays while also giving my a nice summer glow.
  • Vita Coco coconut water: It is always important to stay hydrated, especially on hot summer days. Coconut water keeps me refreshed, and I love the taste of it too!
  • Swimsuits: Of course you need a swimsuit or two for any summer trips! I like to keep my swimsuits organized in small plastic bags so that they are easier to find—it’s never fun when you can’t find the matching bikini top to your bottoms or vice versa.
  • Hat: As nice as is to soak up some sun, nobody likes a sunburn, so I always try to wear a hat while at the beach or pool. I recommend packing a hat in your travel bag so you are always prepared. Straw boater hats are my favorite at the moment!
  • Snacks: I always like to have a quick snack on hand, like an apple that’s high in fiber or granola bar.
  • Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from bright sun rays with a chic pair of sunglasses! Currently I like wearing oversize, retro-inspired shades.
  • Scrunchies + hair ties: Seaside days can get rather windy, so I always keep a hair tie close by so I can easily pull my hair up into a ponytail or bun. These silk scrunchies are my absolute favorite, because the soft silk doesn’t irritate dry, heat-damaged hair or leave pesky indents.
  • External battery: Having your phone die in the middle of a fun day at the beach or pool is never fun, so I always pack an external battery so my phone can stay charged well into the evening.
  • Books and magazines: You can always find me with a new book in my purse! I love to keep my Sports Illustrated issue with me for a little fitness inspiration, and you can usually find inspirational books like Sparks Of Phoenix, A Return To Love, and Seat Of The Soul.
  • Workout band: I travel with workout bands all the time so that when I’m feeling inspired to get a quick sweat on, I can work out wherever I am.
  • Tatcha Hydrating Spray: This misting spray instantly refreshes my skin and makes me feel amazing.
  • Summer Fridays R+R Mask: From my good friend Marianna Hewitt’s skincare brand Summer Fridays, I love to use this mask to exfoliate my skin.
  • Lumify Eye Drops: Traveling can make my eyes feel dull and tired, so these eye drops whiten and brighten them easily.
  • Eye Mask: A travel necessity if you hope to sleep on a plane!
  • Face Towels: These make it simple to remove makeup at the end of a long day. If you wear a lot of makeup like I do, I recommend using face wipes and then another makeup remover to ensure your skin is perfectly clean.

What are your must haves that you always keep in your summer tote bag? Comment below with your top items!

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