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Olivia Culpo Justine Marjan braided hairstyle golden globes

Get Olivia’s Golden Globes Hair

My proudest hair moment was Olivia Culpo at this year’s Golden Globes. We had so much fun being creative and… Continue reading

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Olivia Culpo Sweatshirt Dress Paris Fashion Week

How To Style a Sweatshirt Dress

As temperatures drop, it can be tempting to throw on a coat and a pair of denim everyday, but cold… Continue reading

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Olivia Culpo Flower Arrangements

Floral Arrangements For The Holidays

A gorgeous floral centerpiece is essential for any holiday dinner party. Florist Eric Buterbaugh teaches his secrets to creating beautiful… Continue reading

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Olivia Culpo Jean Shorts Blazer Street Style

How To Dress Up Jean Shorts

Jean shorts and T-shirts are such a great go-to pairing in warmer weather, but if you’re in search of a… Continue reading

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