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Olivia Culpo Travel Essentials

One of the coolest parts about my job is how much I get to travel the world. I’ve been to Paris, Miami, Jamaica, and more—and that’s just in the past month or so!

Naturally, I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my airplane attire, and I’ve received a lot of questions on my top travel tips. Here are the pieces I always am sure to bring on the plane:


1. A Pair of Sneakers

Olivia Culpo Travel Essentials

I almost always wear a pair of comfortable sneakers when I travel. They’re easy to take on and off going through security and won’t hurt my feet as I’m walking through airport terminals.

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2. A Comfy Pair Of Sweats

Olivia Culpo Travel Essentials

When it comes to travel ensembles, comfort is always my top priority. A pair of coordinating sweats feels like a cozy set of pajamas but looks put-together.

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3. A Tote That Can Carry All The Essentials

Olivia Culpo Travel Essentials

Even when I’m checking luggage, I always bring a tote bag that’s big enough to fit my top essentials because you never know if a suitcase might get lost or delayed.

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4. A Trusty Suitcase or Two

Olivia Culpo Travel Essentials

Of course, quality suitcases are a quintessential part of any trip to the airport. I prefer a hardshell suitcase that will stay sturdy and keep all my belongings protected.

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What is your go-to travel outfit?

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