How To Get Olivia’s Bubble Ponytail

Justine Marjan hairstylist

Olivia is so much fun because she can pull off every look and loves to play around with hair and makeup! For this look we wanted something playful that complimented the bows on the back of her shirt so a bubble pony was perfect!

To do this look at home make sure you tease each section before applying an elastic underneath, then use your fingers to pull apart the hair for added fullness and bubbly texture.

Olivia Culpo Bubble Ponytail hairstyle justine marjan


  1. Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Mouse and Reverie MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist, then blow dry with a GHD Air Blow Dryer for lots of texture
  2. Attach Beauty Works clip-in extensions to the top half of hair, then spray roots with The Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray and gather with hands into a high half-up pony
  3. Repeat on bottom half of hair, but apply clip-in extensions upside down, then gather hair and add to the first pony
  4. Spray Oribe Dry Texture Spray throughout, then tease the base of the pony and add an elastic. Continue all the way down
  5. Spray with Bumble & Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray to finish

Olivia Culpo Bubble Ponytail hairstyle justine marjan

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