Get Olivia’s Golden Globes Hair

Justine Marjan hairstylist

My proudest hair moment was Olivia Culpo at this year’s Golden Globes. We had so much fun being creative and coming up with the look. It was such a stressful day, and we had originally thought of doing one thing to the hair, but the stylist had another vision, so Olivia and I had to brainstorm ways to make everyones vision come to life and create something beautiful.

Eventually, it came down to what we wanted to see: we knew we wanted a center part, a bun in the back that we could see in the front, and we wanted to incorporate braids. We played around with her hair when she had the idea to create a french braid and then tuck it into the hair around her face so it still looked sleek in the front. The final hairstyle was super romantic and very Frida inspired. It was definitely a risk, because it wasn’t something I would normally do or suggest, and it was something new that we haven’t seen anyone do. It ended up looking perfect with the dress and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result.

Olivia Culpo Justine Marjan braided hairstyle golden globes


  1. Prep hair with GHD Advanced Split End Therapy then blow-dry with the GHD Air Hair Dryer and the GHD Paddle Brush with a middle part and smooth finish.
  2. Clip a one inch section of hair on either side of the from hairline parting away,
  3. On both sides, create a small dutch braid underneath the parting to where the bun will lay in the back, then pin the braid away.
  4. Release the clipped section, and let it fall over the braid, then pin into place at the nape of the neck.
  5. On the remaining hair, clip in extensions for fullness neat the nape, then create random 3 strand braids throughout the remaining hair.
  6. Wrap the hair up into a bun and pin into place.
  7. Spray with firm hold hairspray to finish.


Olivia Culpo Justine Marjan braided hairstyle golden globes

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