New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

Olivia Culpo New Year's Resolutions

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Resolutions give me an opportunity to just put a bit more thought and effort into the way I approach my life. I try to keep these goals manageable by making them an extension of what I am already doing!

My 2018 RESOLUTIONS are about doing a little bit MORE!

Meditate More

I want to take more time to reflect. With our busy lives it’s sometimes hard to find the time to meditate but it really is so important. You don’t even need much time, even just a few minutes each day will make a big difference!


Journal More

Journaling is a great practice to make a habit. Sometimes I write full entries about a learning lesson in my life or how I am feeling towards a situation. Other times I write down goals I am striving towards or a quote down that stands out to me. Whatever it might be, I find journaling very therapeutic and plan to increase this in the new year.

Volunteer More

Volunteering is very important to me. In 2018 I want to continue to volunteer with the charities I support. It’s easy to get involved, just find a cause you are passionate about and do a little research about how you can contribute.  Check out these charities I have worked with in the past:

Barre More

Barre more – I love exercising and lately I have really taken to barre classes. There are all types of barre classes but my favorite right now is ‘FlyBarre’. Check out a barre class and let me know what you think!

Decorate More

I am just about complete with my home renovations, but now it is time for me to put my personal touch on the apartment with some interior decorating. I look forward to finishing this project this year and being proud of my new home!


Cook At Home More

It’s so easy to order take out or go out to a restaurant, but a goal of mine in the new year to cook at home more. I cook at home most nights in Rhode Island so I want to do the same in my new home in LA. It’s really exciting to try out new recipes and even create some new meals of your own. Do you guys want to see more of my homemade dishes on the website?

Continuing To Get To Know All Of You More!

One of my favorite things about having my new website is getting to hear from you guys! I love to see what posts you all like, and what questions you have for me. I am looking forward to hopefully getting to meet some of you this year and having you involved in some of my projects. Thank you for all of your support so far and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!