Top 10 Fall 2018 Fashion Week Trends

Fashion Week (or month, really!) has come to an end, but there were so many inspiring new trends that I spotted both at runway shows and on the streets. I’m sharing the Top 10 Trends from New York and Paris Fashion Week so you can get a jump start on the latest styles and be ahead of the fashion curve.


1. 80’s Inspired Neon

Don’t be afraid to wear a little color this year. 80’s inspired neon, and hot pink in particular, were very popular during fashion week.

2. Sneakers

Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends Sneakers

3. Faux Fur

Olivia Culpo Paris Fashion Week Lanvin

4. Maroon

I really love how much maroon I am seeing on the runway, it is such a beautiful color for fall.  Take a risk and go for something maroon where you would normally choose black.

5. Asymmetric earrings

Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends Asymmetric Earrings



6. Face Glitter

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of shimmer with your makeup. A lot of runway shows featured sparkling face glitter as part of their beauty looks, and I recommend trying this at any music festival you attend this summer.

7. Broad Shoulder Coats

Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends Statement Shoulders

8. Wearable Blankets

This trend is a perfect combination of style and comfort.  A blanket coat is so chic and will keep you warm and cozy in cooler months.

9. Hue Sunglasses

Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends

10. Statement Headwear

Olivia Culpo Fashion Week Trends Statement Hat