Nurse Jamie’s Anti-Aging Secret

Written by Nurse Jamie

You probably already know the most common causes of premature aging: being outside in the sun, smoking, not sticking to your diets, not moisturizing—the list goes on and on. But FYI babes, one of the main reasons your face shows signs of premature aging is your sleep position.

Sleeping on your stomach with your face smashed into the pillow might be the worst sleeping position of all if you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles on your cheeks and forehead. If you’ve ever woken up and noticed several vertical lines or sleep marks on your face, you’ve just seen sneak-peek of the wrinkles that are forming.

Sleeping on your side causes vertical creases down your cheeks and chin, and also reinforces vertical expression wrinkles, like frown lines and lines around your lips. Most people favor one side over the other, and that’s the side that has the most signs of premature aging. In fact, I have a long list of celebrities I’ve shocked by ”guessing” which side they sleep on.

By sleeping on your stomach or on of your sides you’re applying constant pressure on your face (about the weight of a bowling ball) while you rest. This weight and pressure can—and WILL, over time—wreak havoc on your skin.

One of the best ways to avoid sleep wrinkles is to avoid facial contact with the pillow by sleeping on your back. Even though it’s difficult to get used to, sleeping on your back is a good way to reduce sleep-related lines and wrinkles. It’s also a good way to sidestep breakout-causing bacteria that grow on your pillow (yuck!) and to allow fluids in your skin to drain properly—thus preventing puffiness.


Some habits are hard to break, and sleeping on our backs is definitely one of them. For this reason we created the Nurse Jamie Memory Foam Age Delay Beauty Bear Pillow, an innovative anti-wrinkle pillow that has a unique U-shape design that cradles the face and neck with a silky, satin finish to support even the most sensitive skin types. This pillow was made for people who can’t sleep on their backs!

So go ahead, sleep on your stomach or sleep on your side, and still have healthier, more rested looking skin. Get the most out of your beauty rest by fighting wrinkles while you sleep with the Nurse Jamie Age Defy Beauty Bear Pillow!

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